Tips for driving in the Sydney rain

Driving in Sydney rain in Paramatta

We get a fair amount of rain in the Sydney area, but usually, it’s nothing we can’t handle. However, sometimes the unpredictable happens.

In 2014, heavy rain hit Sydney. In fact, flash flooding trapped a passenger train right here in Bexley. Situations like this cause many new drivers anxiety when driving in the rain.

Driving in the rain can be scary, but it’s easier if you follow a few tips. Read up on these tips now so you’re prepared for your first rain drive.



Taking that first lesson 

Driving School Paramatta

As a busy mother of three in the Sydney area, Anna spends her days helping with homework, stopping arguments and negotiating bus routes. Although she’s been meaning to get her driver’s licence for years, life has gotten in the way and she’s never quite managed it. However, public transportation with three young kids is a hassle, and Anna knows it’s time to gather her courage and enlist in Sunlight Driving School.

While Anna’s ridden in countless cars, she’s always shied away from driving one. As she embarks on her driving school experience, Anna has several chief concerns, read about them here .

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